least to greatest-4/5, -5/4, -4.5, -0.54, -5, -0.4

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]-5[/tex], [tex]-4.5[/tex], [tex]-\frac{5}{4}[/tex], [tex]-\frac{4}{5}[/tex], [tex]-0.54[/tex] and [tex]-0.4[/tex].Step-by-step explanation:We are asked to write the given numbers from least to greatest.-4/5, -5/4, -4.5, -0.54, -5, -0.4We know that the more negative number has least value.Let us convert each number into decimal.[tex]-\frac{4}{5}=-0.8[/tex][tex]-\frac{5}{4}=-1.25[/tex]We can see that -5 is most negative, so it will be least.Order from more negative to less negative:[tex]-5[/tex], [tex]-4.5[/tex], [tex]-1.25[/tex], [tex]-0.8[/tex], [tex]-0.54[/tex] and [tex]-0.4[/tex].Therefore, the least to greatest numbers would be [tex]-5[/tex], [tex]-4.5[/tex], [tex]-\frac{5}{4}[/tex], [tex]-\frac{4}{5}[/tex], [tex]-0.54[/tex] and [tex]-0.4[/tex].