Estimate your answer for 7.13x6. Explain your reasoning using words,pictures or numbers.

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]7.13\times 6 =42.78[/tex]       Step-by-step explanation:We have to evaluate the following expression:[tex]7.13\times 6[/tex]This could be done with the help of distributive property of multiplication over addition.Distributive property help us to evaluate complicated multiplication problem easily.[tex]a\times b = a\times (c+d) = (a\times c) + (a\times d)[/tex]We can evaluate the given function as follows:[tex]7.13\times 6\\= (7 + 0.13)\times 6\\=(7\times 6) + (0.13\times 6)\\= 42 + 0.78\\=42.78[/tex]