Devin wants to buy a book that costs $28.99. He has a coupon for 30% off the price of the book. If Devin uses his coupon, about how much money will he save? A $0.30 B $1 C $9 D $21Ten fence posts cost $92. Mr Bell spent $276 for fence posts. how many did he buy?

Accepted Solution

Same exact thing as last time Bright! Devin has to multiply 28.99 by 0.30 to find how much money he saves

28.99 · 0.30 = 8.697. This rounds up to $9.

Therefore, The answer is C: $9.

For the second one, first divide 92 by 10 to find out how much one fence post costs. One fence post costs $9.2. Now, divide 276 by 9.2 to find how many fence posts he bought. 

276 ÷ 9.2 = 30. 

Mr. Bell bought 30 fence posts.

Hope this helped!