A suspension contains 250 mg per 5 ml of drug. how many milligrams are contained in 1 oz of suspension?

Accepted Solution

amount present in 1 oz = 1478.67648 mg

First, we will need to convert oz to ml:
1 oz is equivalent to 29.5735296 ml

Now, we can solve our problem.
We are given that there are 250 mg per 5 ml of drug. To get the amount of mg in 29.5735296 ml of drug, all we need to do is cross multiplication as follows:
250 mg ................> 5 ml
?? mg ................> 29.5735296 ml

amount = [tex] \frac{29.5735296*250}{5} = 1478.67648 mg[/tex]

Hope this helps :)