A committee on community relations in a college town plans to survey local businesses about the importance of students as customers. From telephone book listings, the committee chooses 282 businesses at random. Of these, 69 return the questionnaire mailed by the committee. The population for this study isA. the 282 businesses chosen.B. all businesses in the college town.C. the 69 businesses that returned the questionnaire.D. None of the above.

Accepted Solution

Answer:option C the 69 businesses that returned the questionnaire.Step-by-step explanation:It is given in the question that only 69 businesses out of all 282 randomly chosen businesses have returned the questionnaire mailed by the committee.Therefore, The data available for the study by the committee is of only 69 businesses that have replied to the committee. So the study is based on this population of 69 businesses only.Hence, option c is the correct answer.